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We're a data for good platform, connecting communities around life’s steepest learning curves. We capture crowd experiences and wisdom at scale, from people with common interests. Then synthesise and curate it to provide easy-to-digest, meaningful insights.

Because it’s publicly anonymous, you can be completely honest. Every voice is equal and there’s zero judgement.

Last year we launched our first Wish I’d Known for parents. Check out some of the feedback we’ve had below.

Wish I’d Known for Founders is our 2nd community, and we plan for there to be many more.

Meet the founders


Hi, I'm Emily

I've worked in top creative agencies and helped launch the world’s largest living insight study into female attitudes and behaviours.

On mat leave I created a website on breastfeeding and drinking, because the information and advice on the topic is so confusing. It went viral and it spurred me on to do more to cut through confusing advice, glossy social media portrayals and the sea of subjective opinions.


Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a data scientist and professor of epidemiology. Over the years, I’ve co-designed several large studies of social behaviour, as well as helping set up cohorts to explore a range of health questions. I've written bestselling books about data and statistics and contributed to TV documentaries.

I'm also a TED Fellow and have been profiled by the Times and New York Times. I'm particularly interested in how collective data can generate insights that benefit everyone.